Actress of Studio "Kvartal 95"

Olena Kravets

recalled how she got stuck in an elevator with her twins.

On the broadcast of the author's project "Quiet Evening with Olena Kravets" on the "Dom" channel, the celebrity said that this happened even when problems with energy supply began in Ukraine.

She was going with her children to celebrate Halloween and decided to use the elevator.

Suddenly, the electricity was turned off in their house, and Olena and her children were stuck.

"The outages just started, the neighbor in the hallway put a box in the elevator for people who accidentally get stuck in the elevator. And we did get stuck ... with children ... and we really needed this rescue box! We were going on Halloween. Descending from our floor , I have costumes in my hands. And I say to the children: "Children, do you know what this box is for?" And they: "Yes... It's for those who are stuck in the elevator..." And exactly in at this moment, the light is cut out, and we remain in complete darkness," the celebrity shared.

Olena Kravets

Olena said that she started screaming with her children so that they would be heard and come to help.

"Can you imagine, I'm riding in a locked elevator with the children and the lights go out. Of course, we started screaming very loudly, and for a while I screamed even louder than the children. Until they said, "Mom, stop, we're being rescued." - shared the actress.

It will be recalled that Olena Kravets recently told how children perceived the full-scale war unleashed by Russia.

In particular, the actress shared

what question her

5-year-old son Ivan stunned her.

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