Betsy applies for a job as an assistant secretary at a large company.

Back at home, my mother asked me.

'Did you get a job?' The kid said that There were so many applicants for the job that I didn't even get a look-in. Dear reader, the phrase not get a look-in means 'didn't get' 'no'. 'No chance' 'No luck or success' is the sentence that the child replied to me.

'There are a lot of applicants.

I can't get this job.'

Coming back from watching the words in my mind, my mother asked me how it was. Was the movie good? My son replied that I didn't get a thing out of that movie. ' or 'be entertained by...' This phrase is 'this movie is not fun at all'.

'Failed what I wanted' or 'In what information I wanted' Send a female spy to talk to a competitor project manager.

Came back to the spy and said I couldn't get a thing out of him about latest project.

Join the army is not my cup of tea. Joining the army is not my cup of tea. The phrase not my cup of tea means 'not what I care about or want to be' when refusing such as No way!, Never. !, Absolutely not!

'No way' Australian foreigners will say Not on your life!

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai