During the 2022 Qatar World Cup playing right now

Our Thai football seems to have an interesting development.

in several parts

and as if there was a sign of some kind of direction

no matter what was in the original plan

where the rhythms converge in this moment

Or is it something that happened without prior preparation?

But the situation is decisive.


the idea was born

and lock down to have to move anyway

The Thai national football team is now the time of introversion.

With a target game waiting in the near future

and include future goals

Which has been divided into the most obvious.

The senior national team, with "Madam Pang" Nuanphan Lamsam as the team manager and Mano Polking as the head coach, has called 24 players to camp since December 6, preparing for the ASEAN Championship. "AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2022" from 20 Dec. 2022 to 16 Jan. 2023 and has a warm-up match on 11 Dec. Meet Taiwan and 14 Dec. . Meet Myanmar

Next, the 23-year-old team is responsible by Yuttana Yimkarun, team director, and Issara Sritaro, head coach.

Which prepares the team for next year with many matches, including the SEA Games, Asian Games and Asian Championship qualifying rounds

Check the name and get in. Completely introverted.

There will be two warm-up matches against the Lao PDR national team on December 11 and 14.

As for the 2026 World Cup in qualifying rounds, which will begin at the end of next year, these two sets will probably be the main and hilarious one.

It would not be wrong to call it the main national team in the next generation for the 18-year-old team, which is in charge of the team manager Chanchanok Chidchob, son of Newin Chidchob and Serbian coach Milos Velebit.

is the head coach

which clearly announced

Select football players under the age of 18 (born in 2005) to keep training together for 3 years continuously in December and stay at the Buriram United club camp, which the club is responsible for.

It's a national team that is embedded with Buriram, let's say that!

With the hope of building the Thai national team to enter the 2025 Asian Football Championship with the goal of becoming one of the top 10 in Asia as well

In the part of the various national teams, it is clear that every set has

Responsible team manager

different from the original guidelines of the Football Association of this series

and see the name of the team manager

or responsible for each team

There is a potential status of "paying" to take care of the entire team.

is clearly different from the original approach

I don't know how to split teams.

division of responsibility

Is there a factor to alleviate the expenses of the association or not?

And will it reflect the problems of the association's budget?

It's something to analyze as well.

Not only that, another interesting development, "Big Od", Pol. Gen. Somyot Pumpanmuang, president of the Association, informed the good news that Hua Hin District has sent a letter of approval for the construction of a training stadium.

sports stadium, public park, sports training center building

To use the area in the public land of Thap Tai Subdistrict Administrative Organization, the plot of “Khao Dang Public Pasture”, an area of ​​approximately 300 rai, for the construction of a comprehensive football training center.

Have to wait and see the clarity of the support budget that will be used from FIFA, from the state, private sector or in which part and when will it actually happen?

All of these may be enough to see the "direction" of Thai football and the Football Association of Thailand.

While the two people in charge of the first team and 23 years old, who had been rumored to be the successors, did the team succeed or not?

Soon the society will recognize itself, as for the last 18-year team manager who has never had an issue on this matter.

arranged with pictures

and a powerful impulse of hope into the future!!!

Time and rhythm

What can it indicate?

Let's think about it...

"Negative pawns"