The staff of Zhushan Township Office in Nantou County were busy moving and assembling the main lantern of the Year of the Rabbit Lantern Festival, "Raising Eyebrow Rabbit Qi".

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

[Reporter Xie Jieyu/Nantou Report] In response to the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit in 2023 next year, the Zhushan Office of Nantou County is also actively planning a lantern show named "Lucky Rabbit Welcomes Bamboo Lights". On May 5th, the exhibition will last for 37 days in total. In addition to the characteristic bamboo installation art made of "bamboo" that can be seen in every lamp area, the main lamp "Raising Eyebrow Rabbit Qi" with a height of about 7.5 meters and a width of about 4.5 meters ", through the patchwork combination of bamboo weaving and rice-colored velvet, the assembly and debut was completed today, which is even more amazing, and it immediately became a hot spot for people to take pictures and check in.

This year, the main lantern of Zhushan Town Hall, "Raising Eyebrow Rabbit Qi", is still strongly sponsored by Zinan Palace, a local religious center, and is jointly completed by a team led by craftsman Liu Xingze. "Bamboo" bamboo shoots, tea leaves and sweet potatoes, together with bamboo chairs for daily life, and finally with a lively naughty rabbit. The agile rabbit runs around the earth with the three treasures of Zhushan, symbolizing the characteristics of Zhushan and bamboo art. The culture is carried forward, and its meaning is very far-reaching.

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For the lighting design of the main lamp this year, Wu Sida, a well-known domestic designer, was specially invited. He personally took over the stage design for the concerts of many well-known artists such as SHE, Mayday, and Liang Jingru. In addition, the music creation of the main lamp also recruited well-known music creators. Li Mingxin (A Huo) came to do the work. Master A Huo has participated in more than 2,000 large and small events. This creation has added many elements of folk musical instruments in terms of cultural integration.

For example, musical instruments such as the bamboo erhu and taiko that highlight the spirit of Zhushan, and the chirping of insects and birds are skillfully added, so that people who watch the lanterns at night can feel more immersive.

According to Mr. Zhushan, the "Fu Rabbit Welcomes Guests with Bamboo Light Shining" lantern festival has four main axes planned, which are A1 and B1 main lighting areas (tobacco leaf hall, including craftsman lamp holders), C1-C4 point lighting areas and D1-D6 skylights area, and in the Bamboo Nest Market in the point-shaped light area, activities such as parent-child DIY teaching, hand-made food and special meals are also arranged every holiday. The meter-sized bamboo moon, the moon that is difficult to ignore and the mischievous moon rabbit, combined with lighting effects, the bamboo weaving shining on the moon is a major feature of this year's Lantern Festival.

The mayor of the town, Chen Dongmu, said that the Bamboo Art Lantern Festival has entered its fourth year this year. Last year, due to the severe epidemic situation, the scale of the lantern festival activities was reduced. The street has regained its splendor, and in the near future, plans for weekend activities, holiday markets, food vendors, distribution of promotional materials, and other lantern festival related plans will be announced one after another.

The entrance and exit of the old street venue of the Zhushan Township, Nantou County Lantern Festival is equipped with an archway with rabbit ears, attracting the attention of the people passing by.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

The staff of the Zhushan Town Office in Nantou County are busy carrying large bamboo weaving.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

Chen Dongmu (third from left), the mayor of Zhushan Township, Nantou County, and others took a group photo after completing the assembly of the main lantern "Raising Eyebrow Rabbit Qi" for the Year of the Rabbit Lantern Festival.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)