The Mingjian Parent-child Ecological Park in Nantou County will hold a winter picnic party, and will arrange balloon shows and other performances.

(Provided by Nantou County Government)

[Reporter Zhang Xiesheng/Nantou Report] The Nantou County Government will hold a winter picnic party in the Mingjian Parent-child Ecological Park on December 17. A limited number of free picnic sets will be provided at noon on November 28. Spike.

The county government is very grateful to everyone for their active participation, and there will be a waiting list on the spot, so that those who arrive early still have the opportunity to participate.

In addition, wonderful performances, free hand-made experience courses, land yoga and local small farmers’ markets will be arranged on the same day, and as long as you take a photo with the anniversary flower installation, you can also exchange limited garden tickets, inviting the whole family Let's experience the warm and lively party time in winter together!

The Nantou County Government pointed out that the Mingjian Parent-child Ecological Park, which is adjacent to the Nantou County Agricultural Products Transportation and Marketing Company, covers a vast area. Leisure facilities such as ecological pools are suitable for all ages.

After the opening of the park in December 2021, it will become a popular recreational spot for parent-child holidays. In order to further improve the overall facilities of the park, the county government has also started projects such as improving artificial turf, connecting trails, and adding sunshade facilities since October, hoping to make tourists who come to play have more fun. A more comfortable venue experience.

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The county government specially held a winter picnic party on the 1st anniversary of the opening of the park. In addition to the picnic, a "birthday cake wall" was arranged in the venue, allowing tourists to create collectively and use paintings to wish the Mingjian Parent-child Ecological Park a happy birthday. At 4 o'clock, there will be a variety of performances in turn. There are superb dance performances by Nantou local dance troupes, children's favorite clown and balloon shows, and parents' favorite fresh orchestra performances. There are also wild and interesting hand-made experiences close to nature, including plant expansion. Indian and Tea Two Fingers Story House tea sachets and moss ball hands for three DIY courses. At the same time, professional yoga teachers are invited to teach parent-child yoga and healing adult yoga courses, allowing children of all ages to relax and adjust their busy lives surrounded by the earth pace.

In addition, when you come to Mingjian, you must also experience the fresh and direct delivery of local agricultural products. Therefore, a small farmer's market is also planned on-site, providing abundant fruits and vegetables, agricultural special souvenirs, desserts and drinks for the public to buy. At the end of the year and the end of the year, let’s experience a unique picnic party for thousands of people. For detailed event information, please visit the event website.

Nantou Mingjian Parent-child Ecological Park is equipped with all kinds of small toys.

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Nantou Mingjian Parent-child Ecological Park is a popular attraction for parents and children to travel together.

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Nantou County Mingjian Parent-child Ecological Park will hold a winter picnic party on December 17, planning a variety of activities, suitable for parent-child fun.

(Provided by Nantou County Government)