In a blink of an eye...Dr. Chatchart Sitthiphan has been the governor of Bangkok for half a year!!

It is a good opportunity for "Nida Poll" to survey the opinions of the people of Bangkok in 50 districts on the occasion of the 6-month anniversary of "Dr. Chatchat" as the governor of Bangkok.

It appears that 38.93 percent of Bangkok residents are very satisfied.

and the other 42.60 percent were quite satisfied

At the same time, there are still 10.54 percent of Bangkok residents who are not satisfied.

and another 7.93 percent were dissatisfied with the governor.

Bangkok, this person took it.

reason for dissatisfaction

because no concrete changes have been seen yet

and still unable to solve the chronic problems of Bangkok such as flooding and traffic problems, etc.

Summarize the Nida Poll survey, Bangkok residents are satisfied with Dr. Chatchart's work in the first 6 months as high as 81.53 percent.

While there are people in Bangkok who are dissatisfied with the work of Dr. Chatchart, another 18.47 percent

"Mother Luk Chan" pointed out that distance proves a horse.

time proving people

The start of the field for 6 months is still in the new season.

But... after 1 year has passed

Satisfaction of the people of Bangkok towards Dr. Chatchart will begin to decline.

and dissatisfaction will increase more and more

according to service life

But if you want to measure clearly, you have to wait for "Nida Poll" to survey the opinions of Bangkok residents after "Dr. Chatchart" has been working for 4 years.

If the satisfaction score exceeds 50%

That is how it will measure its success.

Dr. Chatchart in the role of Bangkok governor for real!!

"Mother Luk Chan" focuses on details

The opinion poll of Bangkok residents is divided into 17 aspects of Nida Poll.

Governor Chatchat

get the highest satisfaction score

is the promotion of tourism in Bangkok, 78.67 percent

The addition of green areas

and parks 75.47 percent

Waste-water and dust problems 72.86 percent

As for the works that received less satisfactory scores

Is solving traffic problems 63.00 percent

organizing homelessness

homeless and beggar only 56.00 percent

Worst of all, only 41.47 percent of the cost of living solution was resolved.

It is the only area that Dr. Chatchart failed the exam because he received less than 50 percent of the score.

"Mother Luk Chan" stressed that managing the satisfaction of the people of Bangkok in all 50 districts with a population of 5.6 million had to take care of a gigantic area of ​​1.568 square kilometers. It was really hard work.

In addition, the people of Bangkok are the most difficult population in Thailand.

If there is something that the people of Bangkok are not satisfied with, they must shout and crush it immediately!!

The governor of Bangkok must be ready to be a potty to support the mood of the capital city 24 hours a day.

commitment to work

And diligence in the area to listen to the problems of the people of Bangkok is definitely Dr. Chatchart's "strength"!!

But going through hard work doesn't want to sleep.

Being crazy about power doesn't look at your own body.

Be careful that you will die of disease, your father??

"Mother of the Moon"