The manager of the airport in Mtwara region, Samuel Mruma has said that the renovation is currently in the final stages of finishing various works including the processing of the pilot lights to enable it to work 24 hours where at the moment the airport only works for 12 hours.

He has said that the government provided an amount of 56.7 billion shillings for the expansion and renovation of the infrastructure of the compound to give it international status.

The expansion involved the expansion of runways, the construction of runways, an aircraft parking area and internal fencing.

Other infrastructure built is a safe road inside the compound, car parking.

"Currently, the remaining work is the installation of a pilot light to enable the compound to work 24 hours, where at the moment it only works 12 hours," he said.

Another remaining task is the construction of water storage tanks that will also be used to manage disasters.

The completion of the renovation and expansion work in the compound will enable large aircraft including Airbus 320 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner to land in the compound.