Pan Yuexia, a member of the KMT's Hualien County Deputy Speaker, was involved in using her daughter's homestay employee as a head, and fraudulently received about 600,000 yuan in assistant fees for a long time. The court ruled to detain her late last night.

(Picture: Taken from Pan Yuexia's Facebook page)

Using daughter's homestay employee as head to fraudulently receive 600,000 assistant fees

[Reporter Wang Junqi/Hualien Report] Pan Yuexia, the deputy speaker of the Hualien County Council of the Kuomintang, was suspected of using the employee of the homestay owned by her daughter Pan Xuanyu as a head, and fraudulently received about 600,000 yuan in assistant fees for a long time. The residence was inspected and searched on the 4th. After the investigation, Yesterday, he was detained by the prosecution on suspicion of violating the Corruption Regulations, and the court ruled to allow the detention late at night.

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Pan fought for the mayor of Yuli last month and lost the election

The Hualien District Prosecutor's Office commanded the ICAC to investigate Pan Yuexia's corruption case. On the 4th, Pan's residence and homestay were searched by the anti-corruption investigation unit, and six people including his daughter Pan Xuanyu were taken back to the District Prosecutor's Office for interrogation.

Yesterday, the prosecution believed that the mother and daughter were involved in major corruption crimes, and they were in danger of fleeing, colluding with accomplices and witnesses, and they all applied to the court for detention and ban on seeing them.

The prosecution stated that during Pan Yuexia's tenure as the deputy speaker from 2019 to 2020, she and her daughter ran a special homestay in Yuli at the same time. The assistant fee, the proceeds are used for Pan's own expenses or to pay the salaries of the staff of the homestay.

The case was investigated for several days by the Prosecutor's Office, and the search was carried out the morning before yesterday and six people were notified to come to the case for questioning, then the relevant evidence was seized, and finally the mother and daughter were detained.

Pan Yuexia’s husband-in-law, Pan Fumin, served two terms as Mayor of Yuli and three terms as County Councilor. He was sentenced to seven years in prison in 2018 and confiscated in February 2018 for his involvement in the fraudulent purchase of LED street lamps and fire protection equipment in 2011. After five years of public power, he was released on parole last month on the eve of the election and publicly assisted in the election for his wife.

Pan's husband-in-law was also imprisoned for corruption and was only released on parole last month

Pan Yuexia was elected in 2018 as her husband's surrogate. In this election, she fought for the mayor of Yuli Township. She lost to Gong Wenjun, a former Hualien County councilor who served as the 17th mayor of Yuli Township.

Although Gong Wenjun, a member of the Kuomintang, was elected mayor of Yuli this year, he was suspected of bribing voters with pigs, pig heads, alcohol, etc. before the election. in the investigative stage.