Members of the Japanese Constitutional Democratic Party used questions to put pressure on Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, asking Kishida to make it clear that he did not support Taiwan independence. The All-Japan Taiwan Federation sent a letter to the party and two members of parliament today to protest interference in Taiwan's internal affairs.

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[Special Commissioner Lin Cuiyi in Japan/Report from Tokyo on the 5th] Japanese Constitutional Democratic Party members Yoshiki Suematsu and Okada Katsuya have put pressure on the Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in the Diet successively to ask Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to declare that he does not support Taiwan’s independence. The Federation issued a statement today protesting against the two men's interference in Taiwan's internal affairs, and asked them to withdraw their statements and apologize.

Quantailian pointed out that Yoshiki Suematsu, member of the Constitutional Democratic Party of the Democratic Party, mentioned the Taiwan issue during the questioning of the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives on the 29th of last month. expressed its disapproval of Taiwan's independence".

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Katsuya Okada, who is the secretary-general of the Cadet Democratic Party, also had a similar question when he questioned the same budget committee in October.

Okada said that if (Taiwanese) feel that independence can be supported, people like this will continue to increase in Taiwan, which may cause the independence movement to be unstoppable. He also said that the United States has stated that it does not support Taiwan's independence and asked Kishida to make it clear.

In response to repeated pressure from members of the opposition party to declare that they do not support Taiwan independence, Kishida stood up when answering questions, saying, "What kind of wording is used in diplomacy is very important. Japan's response is consistent, and the government's consistent position has not changed." "Responded, and emphasized that the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait is extremely important, looking forward to the peaceful resolution of cross-strait issues through dialogue.

Suematsu and Okada are considered to be more pro-China in Japanese political circles. When the Diaoyutai collision occurred between Japan and China on September 9, 2010, Okada was the Japanese foreign minister at the time. It was later believed that he led the release of the Chinese fishing boat captain who caused the accident. Suematsu was born as a diplomat, studied Chinese at university, and was often invited to participate in activities held by the Chinese embassy in Japan.

The entire Taiwanese company expressed that the series of speeches made by Suematsu and Okada have seriously interfered in Taiwan's internal affairs and trampled on the feelings of the people and the people of Taiwan. This is really unreasonable and absolutely intolerable.

The statement also stated that regarding the U.S. position of not supporting Taiwan independence, President Biden said in an interview with CBS in September this year, "Taiwan will make its own judgment on the issue of independence. The U.S. is not encouraging them to become independent. It is theirs." decision."

Quan Tailian said that Biden's speech emphasized respect for the position of "national self-determination", but the speech of the Cadets distorted the position of the United States, just like the speech of the agent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China.

Today, Chairman Zhao Zhongzheng and all executive directors and directors jointly issued a statement of protest to the Cadet Party, Suematsu and Okada respectively, demanding that they withdraw their speeches as soon as possible and apologize.