Previously, since the middle of the month

last august

Egg production and egg prices were at a reasonable level at 3.60 baht per egg, but last month

Price of chicken eggs tends to drop to 3.40 baht per egg.

This is due to the increase in productivity.

Because the climate in this period is suitable for raising laying hens.

Coupled with the problem of border trade, the export of chicken eggs has decreased.

Including less premature laying off of laying hens


, the egg price situation in some countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong is higher than 4.00 baht per egg to solve the problem of oversupply of eggs.

Reduce egg production

maintain a balance of domestic production and consumption

so that the selling price is at an appropriate level

A joint meeting between the Department of Livestock Development and the Association of Layer Chicken Farmers

Cooperative of laying hens

and breeders of laying hens have concluded

Pushing up egg exports this month to more than 60 million eggs, with large and medium-sized egg producers cooperating to export to Hong Kong and Singapore.

This will help increase the income to the country.

from the beginning of 2022 until September

180.66 million eggs have been exported, valued at 693.48 million baht.

Cut egg production in December

to have laying hens

Stand in the cage before maturity, 1 million birds. If released during the age of 65-75 weeks, the private sector's laying hen industry development fund will receive compensation of 10 baht per bird.

The Department of Livestock Development will follow up and facilitate

Releasing laying hens in cages at appropriate age

By requesting cooperation from laying hen raisers across the country to release laying hens not older than 80 weeks, and for large raisers of 100,000 or more, to release laying hens not older than 78 weeks.

In this regard, the Department of Livestock Development will speed up the follow-up process.

and monitor the situation of domestic egg production and consumption according to the principle

“Consumers are not troubled.

Farmers can live” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.