Famous mouth Wang Hao.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Wu Yinong put on a shirt for the DPP and registered to stand for the by-election of the three constituencies in Taipei City (North Songshan, Zhongshan District). It is related to the underworld. For this, the famous talker Wang Hao listed political figures related to the underworld in the Kuomintang, and retorted that the Kuomintang is the underworld governing counties and cities.

Wang Hao said in a Facebook PO post, "The underworld club of the Kuomintang?" and listed some KMT politicians with underworld backgrounds, "Xiao Jingtian: The chief of the Changhua County Party Committee was involved in the murder of the police (member of the KMT Central Standing Committee), Qiu Yisheng: Taoyuan City Party The case of gambling video games between the chairman of the Ministry and the chairman of the Taoyuan City Council (the Central Standing Committee of the Kuomintang), Ye Linchuan: the deputy speaker of the Taipei City Council, a member of the Niupu Gang boss family (member of the Central Committee of the Kuomintang), Xu Xiurui: the chairman of the Hsinchu City Council, the chairman of the city council Zhiping Project ( Sihai Gang Haifengtang), Zhong Dongjin: Miaoli County Party Committee Chairperson Zhiping Project, Chen Jianxian: Hsinchu County Party Committee Deputy Speaker Zhiping Project, He Shengfeng: Nantou County Council Chairman Zhiping Project, Pan Yiquan: Nantou County Council Chairperson Zhiping Project Deputy Speaker of the County Council Zhiping Project, Shen Zonglong: The Speaker of the Yunlin County Council shot and beat civil servants." Wang Hao mocked in his post, "It turns out that the Kuomintang is a gangster governing the county and city."

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After seeing the post, netizens commented, "There are many blind voters", "Don't forget the legislator whose surname is Luo", "It's easy to elect members, and then Qiao becomes the speaker. Compared with the county mayor, he has more power and more resources. Really. It’s a shortcut! No wonder gangsters come to elect councilors!”, “The sad thing is that Taiwanese don’t care about it”, “The little temple demon is very windy, and there are many little kings in the pool.”

Wang Hao's Facebook post.

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