Taipei City Councilor Jian Shupei from the Democratic Progressive Party criticized that Taipei Mayor Ko Wenzhe made a mess such as market reconstruction and Taipei Music and Book Center without mentioning a single word, but continued to shirk responsibility for the central government. ".

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[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] When Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe handed over the municipal administration to mayor-elect Jiang Wanan, he specifically mentioned the five major cases of Taipei Arena, Shezi Island, the northern section of Dawan, the former site of the Air Force General Headquarters, and Jianguo Brewery. In the central government", but Taipei City Councilor Jian Shupei from the Democratic Progressive Party criticized the five cases because the Taipei City Government failed to fulfill its communication responsibilities, and relevant deliberations were delayed again and again, but Ke once again shirked responsibility for the central government, leaving a mess such as market reconstruction , Taipei City Music and Book Center are not mentioned at all, the standard Koshik style "thousands of mistakes are the faults of others."

The public safety issue of the Big Arena has attracted much attention. In the past, Ke Wenzhe frequently bombarded the Ministry of the Interior for deliberately delaying the review. In October, the Ministry of the Interior passed the fire prevention and refuge performance review of the Big Egg. Jian Shupei pointed out that now only the Beishi Fire Department is responsible for the smoke test. Ke Wenzhe did not supervise it properly and even blamed the central government.

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The Shezi Island development project is currently under review by the Ministry of the Interior for the scope of expropriation and the proportion of land to be paid for, but local opposition is fierce. Jian Shupei believes that during his tenure, Ke Wenzhe failed to properly coordinate local opinions and tried to forcibly crush them without listening to opposing voices. Now it has been sent to the Ministry of the Interior for review, but residents continue to go to protest. This is the failure of the Beishi government to communicate.

The northern section of the Great Bay was questioned by the Ministry of the Interior because it was too low, which was obviously unreasonable. Jian Shupei asked Ke Wenzhe to clearly explain whether the gold standard for the payment was applicable to the whole city; and the dispute over the use of land for Jianguo Brewery was still unresolved. Jian Shupei emphasized that the North If the city government had communicated with the local government and obtained consent at the first time, it would not have fallen into this deadlock.

The revitalization of the old site of the Air Force General Assembly caused Ke Wenzhe and Li Yongde, the Minister of Culture, to quarrel with each other. Last month, the Ministry of Culture proposed a new version of the National Museum to collect local artworks, which was approved in principle by the Beijing Urban Design Review Committee; Jian Shupei condemned Ke Wenzhe again. The case was shelved in the Beishi government for eight years. Ke failed to supervise and failed to supervise. The Ministry of Culture put forward a new plan to solve the case. Ke also abdicated the central government, which is really ridiculous.

Jian Shupei emphasized that when Ke Wenzhe was elected mayor in 2014 as a "casual person", he could still shirk everything to the previous government, but now he has been in power for 8 years and has achieved nothing. , the new sound map, the reconstruction of the second building of Taipei Fine Arts Museum, etc., but avoid talking about many "messes" and deliberately cover them up at the time of handover.