Dashi Popular Band told five members to play the Kaohsiung New Year's Eve opening.

(Provided by Gao City Hall)

[Reporter Hong Chenhong/Kaohsiung Report] The Kaohsiung City Government announced the New Year’s Eve plan today. Mayor Chen Qimai announced that Kaohsiung City’s activities will not focus on martial arts, and Kaohsiung is the first choice for the New Year’s Eve. “If you don’t come to Kaohsiung, where are you going?”

Chen Qimai said in an interview today that it would be boring to talk about the New Year's Eve, but the planning is very exciting. He also said why this year is so lively?

On both sides of the stage, "Sue Five People" will start, and there will also be fireworks for two days, including the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, in different venues. The New Year's Eve must be in Kaohsiung. If you are not in Kaohsiung, where are you going?

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He said that Kaohsiung City must be the best place to hold events in Taiwan if it does not focus on martial arts. He reminded everyone to book a hotel quickly. The restaurants are probably full in the past few days, and they may have been full when he talked about it today.

He welcomes everyone to come to Kaohsiung to enjoy delicious food, enthusiasm, and sunshine. Yawan District and East Nine District are very exciting. He is confident that Kaohsiung will be the first choice for New Year's Eve.

Four weeks to the countdown to the New Year's Eve, the Kaohsiung City Government announced today that the 2023 Kaohsiung New Year's Eve "Yawan Future City Concert" will return to the Dream Age, and will bring heavy news, creating the first "double-sided stage" in the history of Taiwan's New Year's Eve, The 180-second "Yawan New Year's Eve Fireworks" and the invitation of the popular band "Success Five" opened.

According to the city government, the double-sided stage has a field of view of 260 degrees, and the audience will have a super shocking and futuristic double New Year's Eve experience.