Artist He Mei will be the host of Chiayi City's New Year's Eve Gala.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)

[Reporter Wang Shanyan/Chiayi Report] Chiayi City's "Welcome to the 2023 All Jiayi New Year's Eve Party" will be staged at the Chiayi City Stadium from 3:00 pm on December 31 to 0:30 on New Year's Day 2023. The cast of the show will be announced today, including Taiwan Chinese singer Cao Yawen, Golden Melody Award Best Newcomer Bad Te (?te), rock group Lu Weiren, AKB48 overseas sister group Team TP, etc. took turns to perform. Top Wenqing Chinese singer Wan Fang and singer-songwriter Sun Shengxi accompanied the audience to count down and performed for 9.5 hours Uninterrupted electricity.

Today's event promotion press conference, Chiayi-born rapper ACE sang the song "Life without you is like a Nightmare", creating a heated atmosphere. Chiayi Mayor Huang Minhui, ACE, artist He Mei, and prospective city councilor Guo Dingwei chanted "WECHIAYI, Come to Jia +1", invite the public to come to Jia to shout and celebrate, HIGH to Jia.

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Chiayi Mayor Huang Minhui said that due to the Wuhan pneumonia (new coronavirus disease, COVID-19) epidemic, the online live broadcast of the New Year's Eve concert was suspended last year, and this year's New Year's Eve party is the largest lineup in previous years. There are also 14 groups of artists and group performances. The cast lineup also includes the new generation singer-songwriter Lin Yi, the all-round MVP Wu Fei, the music supernova Huang Hao, the creator of light rock Li Jinwei, the musical science and technology boy Mo Fanxin, and the best golden melody award. The singing group Zhangsan Lisi ft.DAPUN, the new generation talent Liu Liangyan, and finally Wan Fang and Sun Shengxi performed at the finale. Since the Chiayi City International Wind Music Festival will be held from December 16th to January 1st next year, hotels and accommodations in Chiayi City will be open from December 17th to New Year’s Day next year On the weekend of , it was almost full and it was hard to find a room.

Huang Minhui thanked "Qikun Technology", "Damao Catering Business", "KBS Golf Club Brand", "Echo Electronic Songlin Division", "Songshen KTV", "Quanyi Hydropower", "Shengyi Hydropower Materials Co., Ltd." and "National Garden Business Hotel" support, calling on the people who entered the venue to cooperate with the epidemic prevention mechanism, wear masks throughout the process, and celebrate the New Year safely.

The Cultural Bureau of the Municipal Government said that this year, a local performance team selection event will be held, and the selected teams can perform on the New Year's Eve stage; the "Chiayi +1, WeChiayi" Facebook fan page will simultaneously collect 60 selected photos of "Chiayi City's Humanistic Style" , the selected photos will be played on the last 1-minute countdown to the New Year's Eve.

The Municipal Bureau of Culture stated that traffic control around the stadium will start at 12:00 noon on the 31st. From 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. the next day, free shuttle buses will depart from Chiayi Station every 30 minutes, and the return journey will be boarded at Chiba Hotpot; Taiwan Railway There will be an extra bus after the end of the day. Next year’s new year’s day, at 1:20 a.m., go north to Chiayi to Douliu, and at 1:19 a.m., go south to Chiayi to Tainan.

Rapper ACE will also perform at the New Year's Eve party.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)

Jiashi has the strongest cast lineup for this year's New Year's Eve party.

(Photo by reporter Wang Shanyan)