The KMT said this evening that it is the DPP's own people who have accused the DPP of black money. Please stop shifting the focus of the DPP.

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[Reporter Lin Liangsheng/Taipei Report] The Kuomintang accused Wu Yinong, a candidate for the Democratic Progressive Party’s Taipei City Legislative Committee, to have close ties to the gangsters. The outside world has seen that many politicians in the KMT have gangster backgrounds and even have criminal records. The Kuomintang said this evening that it accused the DPP of The black gold belongs to the DPP itself. Please stop shifting the focus of the DPP and explain clearly the controversy of its own internal allegations.

In response to outside allegations that KMT politicians have underworld backgrounds or criminal records, KMT Deputy Spokesman Yang Zhitong issued a press release this evening stating that the law and order is corrupt and underworld is rampant, please the DPP itself to look in the mirror first, and ask Wu Yinong to make it clear that these things are constantly going on. The underworld relationship is still chaotic.

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Yang Zhitong said that President Tsai Ing-wen once said that he wanted to end black money, but the result was a dark cloud of the House Party.

Under the rule of the Democratic Progressive Party, the Taiwanese version of the Cambodian case that caused three deaths, Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan's involvement in the 88 Hall of the Guo Zhemin Group and other controversies frequently spread. It is the Democratic Progressive Party itself.

Yang Zhitong pointed out that DPP legislator He Zhiwei said that underworld murderers are at the core, and former DPP legislator Li Wenzhong said that the DPP has a gangster standing committee.

Or as long as the color is right, black can be called white?

The DPP should stop shifting its focus and speak clearly about the controversy surrounding its own internal accusations.

Yang Zhitong said that Wu Yinong himself was involved in the underworld controversy, and he should have faced the high standards of the public. However, recently Wu Yinong dodged questions and became angry when asked by the media. Wu Yinong, the "little British boy" whom the Party tried his best to create a sunny image, can be said to have been exposed one by one. Candidates in the shadows.

Yang Zhitong questioned whether Wu Yinong was so close to Huang Chengguo, Zhao Yingguang and others who were accused of being involved in underworld gangs. Is it suitable to be a representative of public opinion?

Without the high moral standards that politicians should have, how to supervise the black money structure of the DPP?

How can we rest assured that such a hot-tempered and morally flawed candidate will enter the Legislative Yuan to speak out and question the people?

Yang Zhitong emphasized that the KMT, as an opposition party, has the responsibility to continue to question this. I believe that voters have sharp eyes and can choose candidates who truly serve the people, are real, and are clean!