The house-museum and graveside monument in Gabala district, where the prominent social and political figure, writer, general Ismayil Bey Gutgashinli was born, are neglected.

According to the report of the local office of APA, the home museum of I. Gutkashinli, established in 1986, has already lost its appearance, the building is about to collapse, large cracks have appeared in the walls, and the roof has collapsed.

As the museum was flooded during the rains, the objects became unusable.

In several rooms of the house-museum, the electric lamps do not light up, the electric lines must be rebuilt.

In general, the facade of the museum needs restoration, painting, as well as repair and restoration works.

The director of the museum, Chimnaz Muzaffarova, told APA that the museum is operating at full capacity, but stated the need for repair works.

It was noted that the last renovation works in the museum were carried out in 2001.

Despite repeated appeals to relevant institutions regarding the house museum, no action has been taken.

In addition, I. Gutgaşinli's gravestone monument in Gabala is not in a encouraging state.

There is no iron fence around the grave, the posts have moved, and moss has covered the tombstone.