Surveillance was posted on the Internet, including private areas such as hospital baby rooms, doorways of people's homes, living rooms, and bedrooms.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Zongxian)

[Reporter Cai Zongxian/Pingtung Report] Known as the world's largest network camera website "insecam", it was revealed many years ago that many field monitors in Taiwan were "online". Surveillance monitors have been posted on the Internet, including private areas such as hospital baby rooms, people's doorways, living rooms, and bedrooms. Most of the uploaded monitors are chips made in China. We call on the government and the public to pay attention to avoid revealing all privacy.

Based on information security considerations, the Executive Yuan has issued an order to all public agencies, including the central and local governments, to ban Chinese information and communication products.

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Hospital baby room, home bedroom, etc. are all in the mirror

The "insecam" monitor screen can be found from the link search on the website. Most of them are public places, including parking lots, factories, parks, shops, etc., and some are homes, offices, village activity centers, and even hospital baby rooms. I don't know that my every move is "online".

People surnamed Xu who have been following China’s information warfare for a long time said that some of them even slept in their bedrooms and were broadcast live, and the nurses could also watch the whole process in the baby’s room. Preliminary investigations showed that most of these monitors used chips from China’s “Hi3516” HiSilicon Semiconductor. .

"It is recommended that you reset your password!" Mr. Xu said that the above-mentioned website is hosted abroad, and it is difficult to enforce the law or seek compensation. The public can only protect themselves or avoid using Chinese-made chip monitors.

To protect privacy, it is recommended to choose a secure device

As for how to avoid the situation where all the surveillance screens are exposed, Mr. Wang, a senior monitor manufacturer in Pingtung, said that professional monitors all have fixed IPs and passwords through domestic telecom operators, and are uploaded to the dedicated servers of telecom operators, and mid-level manufacturers will also set up their own The server, the screen is transmitted to the company server and then transmitted to the mobile phone of the public. There is a layer of firewall. Only by choosing a guaranteed device can we avoid privacy exposure.