became an issue that had to be discussed with each other

After the wrong queue

The President of the European Union Commission issued a statement on the situation in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

which has been delayed for almost 10 months

Stating that more than 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers died in battle until the clip had to be deleted.

and the spokesperson clarified that

is a misunderstanding

While the Ukrainian side confirmed that it was about

10,000-13,000, but wait for the leader to announce again,

however, there are reports circulating in the media

Western "polar opposites" have long said that the situation in Ukraine is not a glamorous battle like in a Hollywood movie.

But it was a brutal battle.

Even if the facts can't be confirmed.

But there are people who claim to be the past.

"Mercenaries" who have been in combat with the Ukrainian army, come out to give interviews through the secondary media from time to time that

Sometimes it also depends on luck as to what kind of unit commander you will get.

as a former Australian mercenary

One Trelia once claimed that

Ukraine promotes foreign fighters in media

But at the same time, it is ready to send foreign soldiers on missions that are considered "suicide".

If some officers don't like anyone

Or don't like any group

will be sent on a mission that is highly dangerous

On one occasion, a group of foreign fighters were sent to patrol a landmine area without warning.

or a former US Marine who claimed fighting in Donetsk was not easy.

Because people are very pro-Russian.

Many times these people

or these spy

has informed the Russian Army about the movement of foreign combat units

leading to artillery bombardment

or being ambushed

Previously, security analysts had viewed

The structure of the Ukrainian Armed Forces for fighting against Russia is clearly divided into special-ordinary classes.

The specialty is an elite unit that possesses equipment from the west.

Ordinary are ordinary soldiers and volunteers.

These simple units will function in

Fully “takes damage” in both defense and attack

While the special units are preserved, they are used where they really matter.

Therefore, it may not be too strange that such "numbers" of hundreds of thousands of deaths begin to emerge.

Tu Pak Kret