In Russia, two Tu-95 missile carriers were damaged as a result of the fall of an unidentified drone at the air base in the Saratov region, from where bombers take off to attack Ukraine.

This was reported by Russian Telegram channels, in particular ASTRA and Baza.

It is noted that an unidentified drone fell on the runway of the Engels-1 airbase.

In addition to the damage to two strategic bombers, two Russian servicemen were injured and hospitalized.

At the same time, the extent of damage to the planes is not reported.

However, the media reports that the damage is significant. 

According to ASTRA sources, this happened this morning, December 5.

Moreover, TSN correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko published a video confirmation of the explosion at the Russian Engels Air Base in the Telegram channel.

It is worth noting that it is from this airbase that Russia launches massive missile strikes on Ukraine.

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