If the foreigner does not respond, his application will not be accepted.

The Department can offer a similar questionnaire to citizens of other countries, informs Delfi.

The questionnaire appeared after changes were made to the laws regulating the procedure for issuing documents to citizens of other countries applying for a residence permit in Lithuania.

All citizens of Russia and Belarus over the age of 18 will have to fill out such a questionnaire when they apply for new documents or a national visa or ask to extend their residence permit in Lithuania.

In the questionnaire, foreigners will have to submit information about their education, places of work, service in the armed forces, about business relations, contacts with government departments of countries that are not NATO and EU countries, and will also have to state their position regarding Russia's military aggression in Ukraine. .

According to the head of the Department of Migration, Evelina Hudzinskaite, this will be an additional security filter.

It will allow more prompt detection of foreigners who in the past had connections with non-democratic regimes and may pose a threat to Lithuania's national security.

If a person provides false data or hides some significant information, this will be grounds for cancellation of the residence permit or visa.