In Kyiv, on the avenue of Akademik Korolev (Mykhailivska Borshchahivka) in the evening of December 5,

a person was hit at a pedestrian crossing


This was reported in the local Telegram channel.

At the scene of the accident, eyewitnesses

provided first aid to the victim and called an ambulance


Nothing is known about his condition at the moment.

The photo from the scene shows that the

crosswalk was unlit


Probably, the driver did not see the pedestrian.

Law enforcement officials will investigate

the circumstances of the accident


The number of road accidents involving pedestrians has increased in Ukraine

We will remind that the number of road accidents has increased in Ukraine recently.

The police emphasize that pedestrians often fall under the wheels.

People in dark clothes are almost invisible on the road in the absence of lighting.

That is why it is important to have reflective elements on your clothes

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