A few days ago, an American netizen shared the "sound" of the world-renowned endangered species, the Mexican axolotl, commonly known as the "hexagonal dinosaur".

(Picture taken from @Cyasashiku Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The axolotl, nicknamed the "hexagonal dinosaur", is a very cute but endangered salamander in reality.

A few days ago, a foreign netizen shared a video of this special-looking amphibian making a "scream". Many netizens couldn't help exclaiming after listening to it, it's really super kawaii!

An American netizen named "CSM SPOILERS Just Momo (Power's Hamburger Meat)" on Twitter shared a video about a "six-horned dinosaur" on November 30. In this video, there is an albino hexagonal dinosaur slowly approaching the water surface , suddenly made a "Bu" sound.

According to the original PO's post, the "sound" of the hexagonal dinosaur is quite quiet, and then mentioned that if someone feels that he has had an unhappy day, he hopes to be healed by the little guy in it after watching the video.

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After the video was exposed, it attracted more than 5.53 million views. Many netizens were melted by the soft and cute voice of the hexagonal dinosaur. The ubo barking in the movie turned out to be real", "I'm the happiest person alive now", "Cold knowledge: this is a delicacy in South America", "Actually, the close relative of the swamp cat is the Mexican Tonkou Cat, right?", "This is incredible, my little dinosaur has never called like that before".

Another more professional netizen added, "This is the sound caused by the rapid filling of the lungs with air, so it is more like a hiccup than a cry."

In addition, the original PO also appealed to everyone in the message area to take more care of this small creature registered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The impact of alien species invasion has led to a continuous decline in the number of wild populations.

I learned yesterday that they're endangered in their native habitat in Mexico due to encroachment, pollution, and invasive species ??????????? so captive breeding is good!! Also they are on the 50 banknote because of their cultural significance!! pic.twitter.com/rc0WrM1i58

— CSM SPOILERS ???? Just Momo (Power's Hamburger Meat) (@Cyasashiku) November 29, 2022