The Ministry of Education was set up with a fake account on Douyin.

(Provided by Legislator He Zhiwei's Congressional Office)

Legislator: U.S. ban on TikTok does not violate freedom of speech

[Reporters Chen Yufu, Xu Ziling, Chen Xinyu/Report from Taipei] The US FBI warned that the Chinese short video platform "Tiktok" (Tiktok) will send users' personal information and data back to China.

In addition, after China’s official media CCTV took a stake in Douyin, Douyin became the main media platform for the dissemination of fake news during the nine-in-one election.

Regarding the great harm of TikTok, legislators yesterday asked the government to ban TikTok, and the Ministry of Digital Development and other departments should do something. They should not let things go and let the public understand the dangers of TikTok.

He Zhiwei, a legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, revealed yesterday that nine administrative agencies, including Chief Executive Su Zhenchang, were set up by unknown people on Douyin accounts, and fake accounts of the Ministry of National Defense, the Political Warfare Bureau, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Justice, and the police The accounts of the Government Administration, Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, and CDC cannot be managed at all.

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Su Kui and nine administrative agencies were set up with fake accounts

He Zhiwei pointed out in an interview that TikTok has been banned in the United States, and the EU investigation report also warned that TikTok will return users' personal information.

At present, Douyin cannot set up a branch or office in Taiwan, and it can still spread through the Internet. If Taiwan wants to deal with it, it should be blocked from the source and deal with the core directly.

"Both Douyin and Xiaohongshu should be banned!" Democratic Progressive Party legislator Lin Chuyin said that the ban on Douyin in the United States does not violate freedom of speech, and it is worthy of Taiwan's study and reference.

CCTV has already invested in Douyin, and Taiwan prohibits CCTV from broadcasting in Taiwan. Relevant units should formulate countermeasures. If they do not know how to manage it, they can refer to the experience of the United States and India. These countries have banned Douyin; Lin emphasized that the Ministry of Digital Development should To make a difference, we can't just let things go and let the public understand the dangers of Douyin.

Xie Jinhe, chairman of Caixin Media Group, said at a symposium recently that Douyin is the main driver of the destruction of Taiwan. Rumors such as TSMC’s plan to empty out Taiwan and the de-Taiwanization of semiconductors all came from Douyin. CCTV has already invested in Douyin. %, when 1% controls 100%, Douyin has become a state-controlled media, Taiwan must not be silent on this matter, the government should come up with countermeasures.

In this regard, the MAC emphasized that according to cross-strait regulations, Chinese online social platform service providers are not allowed to operate related businesses in Taiwan. "Douyin" is an overseas online platform with its service hosts located in China and Hong Kong. There is no business base in Taiwan. Regarding the cross-border collection of user data by "TikTok", the MAC will continue to review the issues related to personal data protection and information security risks in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Development, the Communications Council (NCC) and other competent authorities. Strengthen relevant information security management measures to protect the rights and interests of the public.

Weng Baizong, deputy chairman and spokesperson of the NCC, responded that the preliminary investigation has not yet had a server for Douyin in Taiwan. Cross-strait affairs are the responsibility of the Mainland Affairs Council, and the NCC will continue to cooperate.

Digital Department: Refer to other countries' practices to discuss regulation

Several officials from the Ministry of Development said that the prohibition of Douyin is divided into two levels: the public sector and the private sector. In the public sector, Douyin or TikTok (international version) is a product that endangers national information security, and has restricted public sector information equipment and their sites. domain use.

As for whether operators should be further restricted from providing public download and use, the official said that because it involves the evaluation of influencing factors such as legality and feasibility, the Ministry of Digital Technology and relevant ministries will further collect references and study similar practices in other countries.