Sometimes hiding things

keep it in a safe place

It may cause forgetfulness.

like this American girl

In the state of Maryland, USA, which almost won the big prize.

After thinking about it, I couldn't figure out where to collect the lottery jackpot in the house.

Srichana Vasdee, a 41-year-old Hindu from Silver Spring, said, “A few months ago,

I bought a Family Field lottery ticket from Kemp Mill Beer. When I scanned the prize, I thought it was $50.

But when I looked carefully, my eyes were shocked after the center appeared to bloom $ 50,000 or more than 1.85 million baht.

After notifying the family

I took the lottery and kept it in a hidden place.

waiting for the prize

appeared a few months later.

Have your relatives asked for a prize?

to realize

But at that time, I can't remember where I kept it.

admitted that it was very stressful

Gathered brothers and sisters to help search almost demolished the house.

Finally, luckily found it until

Tucked away in a suitcase, I don't remember why I put it there.