The Central Epidemic Command Center announced yesterday that from January 1 next year, non-nationals with no health insurance status who are diagnosed with COVID-19 during their stay in Taiwan must pay for isolation and treatment themselves.

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[Reporter Qiu Zhirou/Taipei Report] With the opening of the country and the increasing number of foreigners coming to Taiwan, the Central Epidemic Command Center announced yesterday that starting from January 1 next year, people who are not of their own nationality and have no health insurance status will be diagnosed with COVID-19 while in Taiwan. 19. The cost of isolation treatment must be paid by oneself, and the government will no longer pay for it!

At present, foreign nationals are diagnosed in Taiwan, and the cost of isolation and treatment is covered by the government.

According to statistics from the command center, as of November 28 this year, there were 260,929 confirmed cases of non-nationals, accounting for three of the confirmed cases in the same period.

2%. Between May and November, the government paid about 3.3% for isolation and treatment.

200 million yuan.

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Zhuang Renxiang, spokesman of the command center, said that starting from New Year's Day next year, the government will no longer pay medical expenses for non-nationals without health insurance status. It is recommended that such foreigners purchase medical insurance before entering the country.

The recipients of the government's support for treatment expenses include nationals, non-nationals with health insurance status, blue-collar migrant workers who come to Taiwan for employment, white-collar applicants, lost migrant workers, and foreign fishing workers employed in Taiwan, etc.