Andrii Yusov, a representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, commented on the explosions at the Russian airfield in Engels, from where the Russians are bombing Ukraine.

He noted that this is good news, but Ukraine cannot confirm or deny involvement in this. 

Yusov said this on the telethon on December 5. 

The representative of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine noted that he cannot deny or confirm the information about Ukraine's involvement in the explosions at Russian airfields, this will be known after the war.

He added that only Russia is responsible for what happened.

Yusuv also added that explosions at airfields from where Russian terrorists bombard Ukraine are always good news. 

"The government of the aggressor state is responsible for what is happening on the territory of the aggressor state. Today's events are another sign of the degradation of their infrastructure, including the military. We can neither confirm nor deny the rest," said a representative of Ukrainian intelligence. 

Explosions at Russian airfields on December 5 

On the morning of December 5, explosions rang out at the Russian Diaghilev and Engels airfields, where strategic bombers that launch missiles into Ukraine are based.

In particular, two Tu-95 missile carriers were damaged at the airbase in the Saratov region as a result of the fall of an unidentified drone.

The Russian Ministry of Defense acknowledged the incident and reported that the explosions damaged two planes and killed 4 Russian occupants.

The strikes were allegedly carried out by drones. 

Photos of the aftermath of the explosions from the Diaghilev airfield were also published online.

One of the published pictures shows a Kh-22 missile suspended under the wing of a Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bomber, which did not fly to kill Ukrainians that day.

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