In Great Britain, the eighth child has died from a dangerous infection - group A streptococcus. 

Sky news writes about it. 

In the city of Waterlooville, in the county of Hampshire, a primary school student died due to group A streptococcus.

This is the eighth death from this infection among children in Great Britain.

This ailment has been spreading across the country for the past few months.

Its symptoms are sore throat, scarlet fever or skin rash.

It is transmitted through physical contact or through droplets when sneezing or coughing. 

There are no plans to introduce quarantine in Great Britain yet.

They emphasize that most of the people who came into contact with the patient remain healthy, but parents need to be vigilant about the condition of their children and react to the disease. 

We will remind you that in Canada, a baby was treated for a fatal disease while still in the womb.

The child, who is prone to the very rare and often fatal Pompe disease, was treated before birth.

An outbreak of pneumonia of "unknown origin" was also recorded in Argentina.

Thus, a patient with a severe form of 


came to the hospital , the doctors were unable to establish what caused its development.

In just four days, five employees of a medical institution with the same symptoms ended up in hospital beds.

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