In Ukraine, as of 10:30 p.m. on December 5, seven trains are running late due to power outages as a result of a missile attack on December 5.

The delay time is already known.

This was reported by the press service of "Ukrzaliznytsia".

Yes, the following flights are delayed:

  • #711/712 Kramatorsk — Kyiv (+4 h 27 min);

  • #191/192 Odesa — Kramatorsk (+2 h 57 min); 

  • #91/92 Odesa — Kharkiv (+2 h 57 min); 

  • #35/36 Odesa — Przemyśl (+2 h 07 min); 

  • #37/38 Odesa — Uzhhorod (+2 h 03 min); 

  • #25/26 Odesa — Rakhiv (+1 hour 23 minutes); 

  • #235/236 Odesa — Chernivtsi (+1 hour 23 minutes).

Passengers arriving after curfew are guaranteed the warmth of the "Iron Fortress" at the station, delicious tea and all necessary transfers to the nearest flights.

The day before, Ukrzaliznytsia reported how trains would run in the event of an attack by the Russian Federation.

We will remind you that the next Russian missile attack on Ukraine on December 5 took place after almost two weeks of lull. 

The spokesman of the Air Force of Ukraine Yuriy Ignat warned that the occupiers may use several waves of attacks.

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