Metropolitan Antony of Volokolamsk, chairman of the foreign department of the Russian Church, arrived in Bulgaria today.

Bishop Antony comes without an invitation from the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, which is a violation of church order and, in practice, a violation of Bulgarian ecclesiastical independence.

His Holiness Neophyte refused to meet with him.

Only Metropolitan Daniil of Vidin and Gavriil of Lovesh have expressed a desire to meet with Antony, reports the press center of "Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association composed of

With the visit of Antony, the highest representative of the Moscow Patriarchate, which openly supports Putin's invasion of Ukraine, proclaiming it to be just and a war in defense of Orthodoxy, justifying the killing of civilians, women and children, Bulgaria is also compromised.

He comes to pressure the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to recognize the church in the Republic of North Macedonia with the status and name determined by the Serbian Church in May 2022. This would mean recognition by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church of the uncanonically issued "Tomos" by the Serbian Church regarding the church in The Republic of North Macedonia, the political formation states in its position.

The church holiday of St.

Great Martyr Dimitar Solunski was honored in Sofia

According to the canons of the Orthodox Church, the Ecumenical Patriarchate is the only one that has the right to issue Tomos for autocephaly of any other Orthodox Church.

The adoption of a pro-Serbian and pro-Russian position by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church can lead to serious diplomatic complications not only with the other Orthodox churches, but also with the Greek state.

Bulgaria's interests as a member of the EU and NATO are to maintain the closest allied and closest relations with our neighbors and partners.

Inter-church relations are an integral part of inter-state relations and are of particular interest to the Bulgarian state.  

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church, although it is not part of the secular government of the state, it is an invariable part of our face before the world, and if any representative of the high clergy takes political positions in support of Russian aggression and treacherous war by Russia against Ukraine, war in which tens of thousands of innocent Ukrainian citizens died, and millions are subjected to inhuman living conditions, such behavior cannot remain without consequences.

The basis of Christianity is peace, and the clergy, as an invariable part of the foundations of our state, should not succumb to purposeful provocations such as such unexplained visits, which are contrary to church diplomacy.

Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a centrist-right political association composed of considers this visit a violation of the national security of the country and therefore we call on the National Security Agency to take all necessary measures in connection with the visit to our country of Metropolitan Antony, deputy of the Russian Patriarch Kirill, as at the same time, we call for a restrictive measure to be imposed to prevent Metropolitan Antony from entering the territory of Bulgaria, taking into account the fact that due to the war in Ukraine, Russia included Bulgaria in the list of enemy states.

Democratic Bulgaria

National Security

Volokolamsk Metropolitan Anthony