Three teenagers were executed by firing squad in North Korea.

Two of them were punished for watching and selling South Korean movies on offline devices, and the third - for allegedly killing his stepmother.

This is reported by Daily Mail Online.

The boys, aged 16 and 17, were shot in the city of Hesan back in October, but news of their deaths emerged only last week.

The young men were accused of selling South Korean movies on pocket USB drives.

They were shot together with a boy who was accused of murdering his stepmother.

The execution of the boys took place on the runway of the Khesan airfield in front of frightened local residents.

"Authorities put the teenagers on public display, sentenced them to death and immediately shot them," the source said.

Additionally, Kim Jong-un's regime strictly prohibits content from any foreign media deemed "Western," including South Korean films.

And the dictator calls Seoul an "American puppet".

The current communist regime uses informants among the population, who point out those who sell discs or flash drives with foreign language content.

So one of the spies reported on the teenagers.

He said that they were selling flash drives with movies on the local market.

It will be recalled that Kim Jong-un awarded a ballistic missile with several medals.

According to him, the DPRK has achieved a major breakthrough in missile development.

He also boasted of a nuclear arsenal. 

Meanwhile, another "convict" who went to Ukraine "to avenge the death of his son" was executed with a sledgehammer in Russia.

Before his death, the occupier managed to tell his wife about the planned execution.

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