Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin passed away on November 30.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin died of illness on November 30. Chinese officials express their condolences in various ways. Among them, the Funeral Committee announced that tomorrow (6) a memorial service will be held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, and no public One day of entertainment activities, many Chinese game manufacturers have announced that their game servers will be shut down for one day, causing many Chinese netizens to mourn.

According to comprehensive Chinese media reports, Tencent announced on the 5th that all its games will be shut down for 1 day starting from the 6th, including "League of Legends Mobile Game", "Dungeon and Warriors", "Glory of the King", "Cross Fire" " and other popular games are expected to resume after 0:00 the next day.

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NetEase also announced that its games will be suspended for 1 day on the 6th, including well-known games such as "World of Warcraft", "Fifth Personality", "Diablo: Immortal", "Harry Potter: Magic Awakening", and others. The games of the game company also followed up with a 1-day shutdown, such as "Love and the Producer" and so on.

In addition, Beijing Universal Park has announced that Beijing Universal Resort (including Beijing Universal Studios Theme Park, Beijing Universal City Avenue, Universal Studios Hotel and NUO Resort Hotel) will hold important mourning activities nationwide on the 6th. It will be closed in accordance with the arrangement of the event. Shanghai Disneyland was closed on November 29 due to the epidemic, and there is still no news of resumption of operations.

Many Chinese netizens complained, "What does my playing games have to do with this?", "It's better to cut off the Internet in the whole country", "Why should we target games?" But there are more little pink comments "Don't forget our heroes", "Salute to the great man, mourn in silence", "Support the party's decision-making", "Mourn in silence, go all the way", "Support, that old man deserves the respect of all Chinese people".

Many game companies issued announcements on Weibo to stop the service.

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