Santos (red circle), the goalkeeper of the Brazilian local football team, clashed with others in a bar on the 24th of last month and was brutally shot to death afterwards.

(The picture is taken from Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] At the time when football is going crazy around the world, it was recently reported in Brazil that a football player clashed with others in a bar and was finally shot dead by the other party, triggering heated discussions in the country's society.

According to the "Sun" report, on the 24th of last month, when goalkeeper Adriano Ferreira Santos (Adriano Ferreira Santos) of the local football team of the Brazilian state of Maranhao (Maranhao) went to a local bar for a drink and dinner with his players after the game, Santos suddenly met a man. There was a conflict, and they scuffled together for a while. After that, the man directly pulled out his gun and fired 6 shots at Santos, one of which shot directly to the head. Santos died tragically on the spot.

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It is reported that Santos and the man had a misunderstanding as early as the game that day, and then they had a quarrel in the bar due to drunkenness, and further martial arts occurred, and finally regrets happened.

After the man shot, he put down the bottle and left calmly. Other customers in the store fled in fright when they saw this, and the clerk rushed to call the police.

After two days of pursuit by the police, the man was finally arrested, and the man confessed to the crime. At present, the whole case will be handed over to the judiciary for further trial.

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