Border police officers discovered a depot for expensive stolen cars in Silistrensko, the Ministry of the Interior announced.

Officers from the Main Directorate "Border Police" and GPU-Silistra carried out joint operative-search activities on December 3 in connection with cross-border traffic of stolen cars.

In a private property located in the village of Cenovic, owned by a 60-year-old man, they found an Audi A6 car with a registration plate issued by Kosovo, wanted by Interpol.

They broke one of the most dangerous criminal networks in the EU

Five more expensive cars with high-end German, British and Bulgarian license plates from Audi, Land Rover, Hummer, Mercedes and Ford were found and seized at the address, which are suspected to be are the subject of a crime and have interventions in their identification numbers.

Numerous foreign registration documents for motor vehicles, fake Romanian and Bulgarian driving documents, numerous plastics for preparing personal documents, various hologram stickers for documents, many Bulgarian and foreign car registration documents were also found.

The prosecutor's office has been notified and an investigation is underway.