Date of the day

Barbara Radziwill

, Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania

, was born on December 6, 1520 .

Barbara's brother,

Mykola Radzivil Black

, was not against taking advantage of his sister's marriage with

Zygimont August

to improve his situation.

And Zhigimont's mother, Queen

Bona Sforza

, hated the Radziwills.

Zhigimont broke his promise not to see Barbara again and married her in secret.

Bono Sforza did everything possible to prevent the coronation of Barbara.

When the Sejm still crowned Barbara, Bona Sforza left Krakow and went to her homeland, to Italy.

There is a version that she secretly left the agents to poison her hated daughter-in-law.

Barbara was crowned in December 1550, and six months later she was gone.

Also on this day

1240 -


's army destroyed Kiev.

1768 - the first edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica was printed.

1917 - Finland gained independence from Russia.

1925 - the first issue of "Peasant Niva" was published in Vilnius.

1926 — the second uprising of the BSSR took place: Gomel and Rechitsk districts of the disbanded Gomel province were added to the republic.

1971 - Pakistan broke off diplomatic relations with India after India recognized Bangladesh.

1978 - a democratic constitution was approved in a referendum in Spain after almost 40 years of dictatorship.

1991 - the Law "On the Armed Forces" was adopted in Ukraine, since 1993 this day is celebrated as a national military professional holiday of all servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

1998 -

Hugo Chávez

was elected president of Venezuela.

Hugo Chávez begins his election campaign, 1997

They were born on this day

1800 -

Yazep Khodzka

, Belarusian surveyor and topographer.

1933 -

Zinaida Mazheika

, Belarusian ethnomusicologist.

In memory

1736 -

Yusuf Tadeusz Aginski

, a political and military leader of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, died.

1921 -

Mykola Yanchuk

, Belarusian and Ukrainian Slavic scientist, historian, ethnographer, folklorist and literary critic, died.