Huang Nan (in black at the top left) took the same elevator as the 3 suspects.

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[Reporter Wang Dingchuan/Taipei Report] In June this year, a stabbing incident occurred outside a hotel in Zhongshan District, Taipei City. A 32-year-old man surnamed Huang got drunk from the hotel on Changchun Road early in the morning and quarreled with three unknown drinkers when he took the elevator to leave. In the conflict, he was beaten by the other party after getting out of the elevator. In the chaos, the other party stabbed him in the chest with a pocket knife, and he was sent to the hospital. A man surnamed Lin was prosecuted for assault, and another man surnamed Lin was prosecuted for annihilating evidence for throwing a folding knife in a ditch.

According to the investigation by the prosecutors and police, at about 6:00 am on June 9 this year, the Zhongshan No. 2 Police Station of the Zhongshan Police Sub-bureau in Beishi City received a report that there was a fight at the entrance of the hotel at the intersection of Changchun Road and Linsen North Road. On the ground, there was a large pool of blood beside him, and the assailant had fled without a trace. He was sent to the hospital by 119 personnel. At 7 o'clock, Huang was declared dead. The police set up a task force to pursue the murderer.

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Based on the surveillance footage, the police learned that the suspect left in a taxi at that time. They followed the route and found three suspects surnamed Chen, Lin, and Cheng who came to the case and explained. The three suspects all said that the other party first made provocative words before they acted. Among them, the 24-year-old surnamed Chen The man admitted that he stabbed Huang Nan with a knife.

During the investigation, Chen Nan admitted to attacking with a knife, arguing that it only constituted injury to death, while Cheng Nan and Lin Nan respectively admitted to committing crimes of injury and destroying evidence. The prosecution charged the three people today.

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