"It seems that, for obvious reasons, Turkey is worried about the ethnic change inside Iran.

However, Turkey can see the medicine of its anxiety in the freedom of South Azerbaijan.

APA informs that this was said by national activist of South Azerbaijan, head of "Gunaz TV" Ahmet Obali at the event called "Iran in a new perspective".

Ahmet Obali spoke about the threat of PEJAK, the Iranian wing of the PKK, on ​​the border with Turkey.

"The border of Western Azerbaijan is Turkey, and today the PEJAK organization is stronger in Western Azerbaijan.

Years ago, Turkey was informed about the presence of PKK bases near Urmia.

The main roots of the PKK are in Iran.

The official branch of PKK in Iran is PEJAK.

PEJAK was created by Iran itself, but now PEJAK itself has become a threat to Iran.

If South Azerbaijan is free, there can be no PKK, no Kurdish band among us.

We expect steps from our brother Turkey, a positive signal from Turkey will give impetus to our movement, just as the support of the President of Azerbaijan affects it," he said.