By mistake, the "World Cup 2022" in Qatar has passed until the end of the "16-team" knockout round.

Today, Tuesday, December 6, will be the last day of the round of 16. There will be 2 matches together...4

Throw in one pair and hit another pair as usual.

The match at 10pm will be a play-off between the fierce Spanish players and the representatives of the African continent, Morocco.

As for the 2nd match, it will be a match between the Portuguese "Fai Thong" team with Cristiano Ronaldo, who has played five World Cups and has scored goals every time as a "captain" against city players. clock


The winners of these two matches will be the last two teams to advance to the Round of 8, which will kick off in knockout matches on December 9 and 10.

I do not know at this time the round of 16 teams that have played 6 pairs, including 12 teams, who will lose or win?

because the original must be sent in advance

Including not knowing that the two teams are representatives of real Asia, Japan and Korea.

who will meet both strong teams on Monday night, December 5th or last night ... will stay or go?

South Korea, who overturned Portugal on Friday night 2-1, met with “Teng 1” Brazil, how will it be?

while the Japanese team

who entered the final round to win the hearts of the audience all over the world because he could conquer both Germany and Spain, having to face the “checkered” team Croatia

But whether it's overturning, winning until reaching the finals of 8 teams... or if you can't turn over, you have to stop here.

I would like to applaud both teams once again.

You guys made us little Asians.

Compared to many foreigners...I'm so proud.

Now let's talk about the competition schedule that is about 10 days left from now on, what day will it be?

Ends Tuesday, December 6th today and will have to wait until Friday, December 9th and Saturday, December 10th, so there will be a round of 8 teams to leave 4 teams.

Followed by Tuesday, December 13 and Wednesday, December 14, which will be the 4th round or semi-finals.

Then go to Saturday, December 17, which will be the third match on Sunday, December 18, which is the championship match.

Have you seen yet?

In just a few moments, the 2022 World Cup seems to have just begun… where is it already ending?

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to write to warn readers who are world cup fans and have been following along for fun in predicting the results of the World Cup with “Thairath” for a long time. Prepare yourself.

Don't forget to buy some postcards to stock up on...we still use the rules.

Originally initiated by former director of Thairath Kamphon guessing the results through postal postcards in the past or present, which is the Thailand Post Company Limited or Thailand Post.

The World Cup prediction project, which is like "MSG" that makes Thai people watch the World Cup more fun.

First started in 1982 or 1982 in the 12th World Cup hosted by Spain.

The 1st prize is just one video player and one color TV.

And the next prize was 5 black and white TVs and 10 radios.

Italy won the world championship that year.

And unbelievably, there was a postcard sender.

12 million copies of predictions with us ...Director Kampol therefore ordered the prediction of the results of the World Cup ever since then.

From 1982 to 2022, for exactly 40 years, the World Cup has been passed 10 times and this time will be the 11th time of organizing the World Cup predictions.

despite economic problems

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, but the Thairath Group is still ready to add “MSG” to the World Cup.

“Cheer the Football for It” project

Get Lucky" for the 2022 World Cup, there are prizes in total of more than 15 million baht, and the 1st prize is worth up to 5 million baht, lower than the 1st prize in the lottery just one million.

Don't forget to "prepare" or "stock up" some postcards.

Like that...

Just in case, send it to win your beloved team and win prizes with Thairath and allies...

The deadline is December 17th, only 10 more days.