A monument to the Russian dictator Putin was erected in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.

He was depicted as a goblin holding a gas valve. 

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The monument was erected in the place where a monument to Soviet Marshal Konev used to stand. 

In a month, the statue of Putin will be sold at auction, and the money will be transferred to the Armed Forces. 

The author of the monument, Dushan Dostal, said that his work is called "Ariman". 

This is a demon from Persian mythology who is absolute evil. 

A statue of the Russian dictator raises his hand in a Nazi salute.

The author thus wanted to show that Putin is the one who continues Hitler's cause. 

Czech businessman Dalibor Dedek, who is involved in the installation of the Putin sculpture, said that the purpose of such an action is to show the Czechs that the war continues in Ukraine and to morally and materially support Ukrainians. 

Czech initiative "Gift to Putin" (@DarPutinovi) which leads donation campaigns for weapons to Ukraine, put this "life-size" 157 cm statue of Putin with a Nazi salute on a gas pipe at the place in Prague where the Soviet monument stood until 2020. pic.twitter.com/H9m8VGzHjh

— Jakub Janda 楊雅嚳 (@_JakubJanda) December 5, 2022

The Czech Republic's support for Ukraine 

The Czech Republic is one of those countries that actively supports Ukraine in the war against the Russian invaders.

This state provides weapons to the Armed Forces, and its citizens collect money for our army.

Also, Ukrainian military personnel will soon undergo training in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Republic also recognized the Russian regime as terrorist because of the attacks on Ukraine and genocide. 

Czech citizens also registered a petition with a request to turn off the electricity and heat at the Russian Embassy in Prague.

This is how they want to show Russian diplomats how Ukrainians are forced to live due to missile attacks on energy infrastructure. 

Earlier, the Czech activist group Kaputin put up for auction a sculptural composition depicting naked Russian President Vladimir Putin sitting on a golden toilet and holding Alexander Lukashenko on his knee.

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