What Ukrainians do not resort to today in anticipation of a blackout, what Ukrainians do not stock up on to survive the winter without electricity, heating, water - generators, burners, gas cylinders, gas cylinders, home-made lithium batteries, various candles.

And they are trying to place all this in the apartment, in the best case, on the balcony. 

Elementary safety measures are forgotten, which, if not observed, lead to tragedies - explosions and fires in apartments and houses.

How dangerous are alternative means of lighting and heating

  • A generator working in an apartment, in any closed space, acts in the same way as a car with a working engine in a closed space, emits carbon monoxide, the result of which is poisoning and death. 

  • A gas cylinder filled "under a tie", which is stored on the balcony or when it is simply brought from the cold street into a warm apartment, can "pop".

    Under the influence of temperature changes, the pressure will increase, the valve will release excess gas into the apartment.

    An explosive mixture is formed and any spark will cause an explosion. 

  • A gas heater, as an alternative to an electric one, burns out oxygen in the room, replacing it with CO, carbon monoxide.

    And carbon monoxide very imperceptibly fills the lungs, and a person simply falls asleep forever. 

  • A damaged or overheated lithium-ion battery can short out and catch fire.

    It burns extremely intensely and it is practically impossible to put it out. 

  • A burzhuika in an apartment is generally a scary thing.

    The ventilation in the houses is not designed for such a large amount of carbon monoxide, which will be produced by the stove.

    Even if you take the pipe outside, there will be a very high probability of poisoning.

    Installation of a stove in an apartment threatens with fire - the thermal insulation of the floor in many houses wants better, so whether the laminate or linoleum will catch fire from the extremely high temperature or from a spark flying out of the stove is a matter of time.

Here are some life-saving tips

  • If you decide to take a generator, then it is very desirable to stop at an inverter, in a casing, so that it is quiet - 54-58 dB.

    Of course, they are expensive, but safer and less noisy. 

  • Be sure to purchase a corrugated exhaust extension for the generator, and move it as far as possible from windows and doors — both yours and your neighbors'.

  • Do not keep the fuel can near the generator.

  • If it is a gas heater, then with an automatic shut-off system in case of lack of oxygen.

    But even such a heater does not guarantee 100% safety. 

  • It is highly recommended to keep the gas cylinder outside.

    and do not fill it up to the crown, to the full extent.

    It should be filled to a maximum of two thirds.

    Before filling the cylinder, it is recommended to weigh the container in order to understand how much can be safely poured into it.

  • Buy several stand-alone CO sensors, spread them around the rooms.

    They are not expensive and are still on sale.

    Sensors will signal danger, increased levels of carbon dioxide, which can save your life. 

  • Buy a fire extinguisher for the apartment, or even several - carbon dioxide and powder.

    For residents of the upper floors of high-rise buildings, gas masks with a smoke filter may be required.

It is advisable to be prepared not only for a blackout, but also for the fact that Ukrainians will begin to warm themselves en masse and use all appliances.

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