A woman surnamed Wang in Taoyuan City was suspected of stabbing her 90-year-old husband with a knife. The Taoyuan District Prosecutor’s Office charged her with domestic violence and homicide today.

(Photo by reporter Yu Ruiren)

[Reporter Yu Ruiren/Taoyuan Report] A 71-year-old woman surnamed Wang in Taoyuan City took medication for a long time. On the afternoon of August 2 this year, she was suspected of pushing her 90-year-old husband surnamed Xiao down in the bathroom of her home in Luzhu District, and stabbing her husband in the chest and heart with a fruit knife. , the son came home and found her father lying in a pool of blood and called the police; Wang Shifu argued at the interrogation that she was in a trance after taking medicine before the incident and stabbed the person with a knife, and repeated her words. The prosecutor's office today concluded that she was charged with domestic violence and homicide.

According to investigations by the police, the woman surnamed Wang and her husband surnamed Xiao have been married for many years and have two children, but the two separated and reunited and once divorced. In 2006, they remarried and lived in a community in Luzhu District.

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Due to alcohol-related and drug-related mental illness, Mrs. Wang takes medication regularly to control her daily life and is taken care of by her husband. On the afternoon of August 2 this year, she saw her husband in the bathroom of the master bedroom, but she suddenly pushed him to the ground and went to the kitchen to take The fruit knife turned back and stabbed her husband in the chest, injuring the right ventricle of his heart. As a result, Xiao Nan died on the spot.

After the incident, the eldest son called home and no one answered the phone. He found that there was something wrong. After contacting the younger brother, he returned home to check. At 6:40 that night, he found the old father lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom with no signs of life, and the old mother was sitting on the bed. The police received The case was reported to the scene and handled. After investigation, the Wang wife was arrested on suspicion of homicide and transferred to the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office for investigation.

When the Queen's wife was interviewed, she first argued that she was taking sleeping pills before the incident and could not remember what happened. Later, she said she knew that she had pushed someone down and went to the kitchen to stab him with a knife. "But I thought it was a dummy." He also changed his words and said, "I didn't know who that person was, so I stabbed him with a knife."

During the investigation, the prosecutor commissioned the hospital to conduct a psychiatric appraisal on the Wang wife. The results of the appraisal concluded that although the Wang wife may have taken the medicine, there was not enough evidence to show that her ability to identify was significantly reduced when she committed the crime, and she had no misunderstanding of the consequences of stabbing someone with a knife. The prosecution believes that Wang Fu and Xiao Weng have lived together for many years. Although there are occasional quarrels, the two sides have no deep hatred. Considering that the two sons do not want to take the initiative to prosecute, the prosecutors are now prosecuting her for domestic violence and homicide. It is also recommended that the court impose an appropriate punishment.

☆In case of violence in a cohabitation relationship, the public can call the 113 protection hotline, or seek help from the domestic violence prevention centers of local governments.

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