Qiu Nan was robbed of 5.82 million cash by gunmen at the intersection of Fuchang Street and Nanqing Road in Luzhu District. The "case type" on the certificate of acceptance of the case by the Luzhu Police turned out to be "robbery" instead of "robber" , Qiu Nan thought that the police were caught.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Enhui)

[Reporter Chen Enhui/Taoyuan Report] Two men surnamed Qiu and She in Taoshi traded virtual TEDA with buyers on the 2nd of this month, and left in a taxi with 5.82 million yuan in cash. Four minutes later, they were in Taoshi At the intersection of Fuchang Street and Nanqing Road in Luzhu District, they were chased by a shared car behind and made a fake car accident. When the three gangsters took advantage of their luck to get out of the car to check, they threatened or attacked them with guns, sharp weapons and pepper water, and then opened the rear door. They stole a huge sum of money from Qiu and She Nan's feet; however, the victim surnamed Qiu who reported the case came forward to accuse the day before yesterday that the Luzhu police actually filled in "robbery" instead of "robber" with heavier criminal responsibilities in the "case category" on the case certificate form. ", and did not state the amount of the robbed, requested to amend but was rejected, thinking that the police were caught.

Qiu Nan's request to amend the robbery case was rejected

The victim surnamed Qiu said that on the second day, he and a friend surnamed She conducted a virtual Tether transaction through the Internet. He and two groups of customers met at Taoyuan High Speed ​​Rail Station and a supermarket in Luzhu District respectively, and sold a total of more than 100,000 Tethers. , sold for 1.12 million yuan and 4.7 million yuan in cash respectively. After completing the transaction, they took a taxi and left.

I just got on the car from the front of the supermarket, and when I was passing the traffic lights at Fuchang Street and Nanqing Road intersection, there was a "bump" sound from the rear of the car, and the general got out of the car to check, and the three men driving the shared car got off the car behind. , holding a gun and gesturing at Yunjiang, Yunjiang hid aside in fright, while the other two gangsters opened the back seat door, shared sharp weapons and attacked with pepper water, snatched two bags of cash totaling 5.82 million yuan and fled.

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Qiu Nan pointed out that after the report was made at the Nanzhu Police Station of the Luzhu Police Sub-bureau that day, the case category item in the "Certificate of Accepted (Handled) Cases" obtained was filled with "snatching", but he believed that he My friend with the surname She was obviously attacked by gangsters with guns, sharp weapons and chili water. It should be a "robber" with heavier criminal responsibilities rather than robbery. I returned to the police station the day before yesterday and asked to change the category of the case, and also asked to state it on the case acceptance certificate The total amount of money that was robbed, instead of simply taking it with "being robbed of property by an unknown man", was rejected by the police.

Many suspects are at large and two suspects are in custody

The Luzhu Police Sub-bureau stated that after accepting the report, it checked the surveillance images of the relevant intersections from various sources based on the description of the victim surnamed Qiu and the buyer's information provided, and at the same time locked the renter of the offending vehicle. 9. Two 20-year-old men surnamed Chen were arrested and referred to the case. Since there are still many suspects at large and there is a risk of collusion and destruction of evidence, Taoyuan prosecutors charged the two suspects to the judge after interrogation and were allowed.

Luzhu Police Station: Will change according to investigation

As for Qiu Nan's questioning about the case, the police clarified that when the police first accept the public's report, they will record the name of the case in the case acceptance certificate based on the statement of the reporting public and other objective facts, and at the same time issue a bill and submit it to the report After in-depth investigation and clarification of the facts, the nature and name of the case will still be changed according to the investigation results. After the investigation and pursuit of the persons involved in this case, the two suspects have been arrested and transferred to the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office for investigation on the charge of robbery , It is by no means a case or a small case.