Pan Yuexia, a member of the KMT's Hualien County Deputy Speaker, was involved in using her daughter's homestay employee as a head, and fraudulently received about 600,000 yuan in assistant fees for a long time. The court ruled to detain her late last night.

(Picture: Taken from Pan Yuexia's Facebook page)

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Mother and Daughter Pan Yuexia, Deputy Speaker of Huaxian County, KMT, Detained for Corruption

Pan Yuexia, the deputy speaker of the Hualien County Council of the Kuomintang, was suspected of using the employee of the homestay opened by her daughter Pan Xuanyu as a head, and fraudulently received assistant fees of about 600,000 yuan for a long time. The residence was investigated and searched on the 4th. The Corruption Crimes Act was charged, and the court ruled in the middle of the night to allow the detention.

For details, see Pan Yuexia, deputy speaker of Huaxian County of the Kuomintang, and her mother and daughter detained for corruption.

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The Democratic Progressive Party intends to revise the election strike law

In response to society’s doubts about gangsters’ involvement in politics, the Legislative Yuan Democratic Progressive Party Group held a press conference yesterday, emphasizing that it will formulate and propose the “Draft Amendment to the Law on Election and Recall of Public Officials.” In the future, those involved in “black, gold, guns, and drugs” will be determined by sentencing , shall not be registered as a candidate.

Luo Zhizheng, secretary general of the party group, pointed out: "This is the highest moral requirement we have for politicians in the future, and it is also the lowest legal requirement."

For details, see the Democratic Progressive Party's proposed revision of the election strike law.

Is your home "online"?

China-made chip monitor network leaks privacy

Known as the world's largest network camera website "insecam", it was revealed many years ago that the images of monitors in many places in Taiwan were "online". Private areas such as baby rooms, people's homes, living rooms, and bedrooms are all captured. Most of the uploaded monitors are chips made in China. We call on the government and the public to pay attention to avoid revealing all privacy.

For details, see Is your home "accessed to the Internet"?

China-made chip monitor network leaks privacy.

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Xu Guoyong's resignation due to illness was astonishing earlier than the cabinet reorganization Green Camp

The nine-in-one election was defeated, and the outside world is concerned about the timing and extent of the cabinet reshuffle.

The Executive Yuan said yesterday that Minister of the Interior Xu Guoyong submitted his resignation to Su Kui due to personal health reasons, but Su Kui still hopes that Xu can continue to work hard with the administrative team and express condolences.

It is understood that Xu Guoyong was still hospitalized yesterday and has not yet received Su Kui's consolation.

For details, see Xu Guoyong's resignation due to illness earlier than the cabinet reorganization Green Camp was stunned.

Millions of households are in danger of losing news...Cai Mingzhong and Taiwan students reconcile in the cable TV war

Cable TV copyright fees have been disputed for many years, tens of billions of copyright fees have been frozen, and millions of users have almost been disconnected several times. The two protagonists in this cable TV war, Cai Mingzhong, chairman of Fubon Group, and Lian Taisheng, chairman of the era, finally " Reconciliation", Fubon's system platform KBR and Era's system channel agent Jiaxun recently signed a channel copyright fee contract, negotiated system and channel agent prices and requested payment.

After years of fighting, Cai Mingzhong and Lian Taisheng made the first "reconciliation of the century".

For details, see the news of millions of households being cut off...Cable TV war Cai Mingzhong Lian Taisheng reconciliation.

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Calls to urge Lai Qingde to run for party chairman

The trend of the by-election of the Democratic Progressive Party chairman has changed!

Taoyuan Mayor Zheng Wencan, who had previously been very vocal, was revoked by National Taiwan University for his master's degree due to plagiarism in his master's thesis. The voice of the Democratic Progressive Party chairman to be assumed by Vice President Lai Qingde gradually increased.

It is rumored that Lai Qingde has stated to President Tsai Ing-wen that he will run for the party chairman. Although Lai Qingde's office clarified that "it has not yet been decided", Shen Fuxiong, a former legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, called on Lai Qingde to "come a little Liu Bang" The posture" and the courage to bear.

For details, please refer to the growing calls to urge Lai Qingde to run for the party chairman.

Britain helps Taiwan's submarines, and the country's military assists in the exploration of large space

According to a Reuters report on the 5th, Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Defense Committee of the British House of Commons, said that the UK should strengthen military and security exchanges with Taiwan. much to explore ), and revealed that during his visit to Taiwan last week, he had discussed with the Taiwan side the national-made submarine plan.

For details, see British aid Taiwan Submarine National-made military assistance Exploration space is large.

The Democratic Progressive Party Group of the Legislative Yuan held a press conference yesterday, emphasizing that it will study and propose the "Draft Amendment to the Election and Recall Law of Public Officials".

(Photographed by reporter Luo Peide)

Surveillance was posted on the Internet, including private areas such as hospital baby rooms, doorways of people's homes, living rooms, and bedrooms.

(Photographed by reporter Cai Zongxian)