In a blink of an eye, it's been 6 months since Bangkok's brothers and sisters have elected Bangkok Governor "Chatchat Sitthiphan" to work.

Nida Poll opens the results of the survey of capital city residents aged 18 years and over and have the right to vote in Bangkok covering 50 districts spread across all levels of education, occupation and income.

Continuing the work in the first 6 months, it was found that 42.60% were quite satisfied. From the picture, they were diligent people who worked hard until they saw the improvement of Bangkok. They solved the problem on the spot. There were 38.93% who were very satisfied because they had clear results.

Dedicated to work and going to the area to listen to people's problems

There were 10.54% who were not satisfied.

from unclear work

Troubleshooting not on point

did not see a better change and 7.93% were not satisfied at all because they could not follow the said policy

Can't solve the same old problems, such as flooding problems, traffic jams

When inquiring into 17 areas of work, most of them found that they were quite good, namely promoting tourism in Bangkok, supporting sports, solving problems of cleanliness, garbage, dust, wastewater, solving flooding problems, improving service in the agency. of Bangkok, improving and organizing sidewalks such as hawker stalls, vehicle parking

Or set up a shop on the sidewalk, improve the scenery, streets, alleys, solve health and public health problems

organize rallies, prevent crime

And create safety in life and property, such as installing lights, CCTV, security systems, solving corruption problems in the departments of Bangkok, developing education

Solving children and youth problems, developing public transportation such as electric trains, boats, solving traffic problems and traffic jams, organizing homeless people, homeless people, beggars

There is a story about adding green spaces, parks that most city people think is very good.

But what I saw was that I still didn't do very well.

cost of living solution

That is a small field of politics and the opinion of the city people.

How good or bad

They can fully criticize.

Because I picked it myself with my hands

Unlike some leaders, most people are not elected.

Today, still busy with the power drag game.

Ready to kick the bow of every boat that refuses to fulfill the dream of power

The person who came out to confirm was not anyone. "Weerakon Khamprakop", Deputy Director of the Palang Pracharat Party, direct line "Big Brother" revealed the plan, "Nong Lek" intended to drag on to dissolve the parliament together in March. Take it close. The agenda is complete.

Because tying the scaffolding together with Thai building a nation has not finished yet, you have to wait to suck as many MPs as possible into the new affiliation.

The sound of gossip is now loud throughout the PPP party, many groups are ganging up for sure.

fishing in the pond

After the pond, friends start to clog up.

The situation is now in a state of

"Pee Duk"-"Nong Suck"

"Big Pom" ordered to check the names, arranged in groups, with rods from the NACC- AMLO to suppress those who wished to defect.

While "Big Tu" has already shown that

can do no different from the speckled politicians that they themselves used to despise

Anyone who fights for their heads will win prizes and see "Dog Dag" Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana as an example model.

One way is used to attract MPs, the other way is to use it as a spear to peck Sammitr, Soi Amnat "Sia Hank" Anucha Nakasai, strangle Sammitr to pledge allegiance.

powerless game

Precepts are equal to be able to live together.

solar fire