French President Emmanuel Macron, who speaks on the phone with the Russian dictator


very often and holds many hours of working meetings with him, admitted that he saw in the eyes of the Kremlin leader.

Macron said this in an interview with CBS News.

According to Macron, he saw in Putin's eyes an "insult" against Western countries, in particular, the USA and the EU.

The French president expressed the opinion that this "insult" is based on Putin's feeling that the West is allegedly seeking to "destroy" Russia.

"Probably a kind of resentment (saw in Putin's eyes. - Ed.). Regarding the last decades and the Western world. Resentment against the USA and the EU is extremely important. And the feeling that our goal is to destroy Russia. I do not believe that this is our goal . This was never our aspiration in France," Macron said.

At the same time, Macron said that France and the Russian Federation "have always had very close cultural and historical ties, and the French have always respected the Russian people."

However, he noted that after a long conversation with Putin, he realized that the dictator's goal may be "to restore the empire."

"But he (Putin. - Ed.) had this feeling when we had a very long conversation. Because I spent many hours discussing it with them... And his goal and his maybe destiny was to to restore, perhaps, the empire," concluded Macron.

Recall that earlier Macron explained that the

world should continue an open dialogue with Putin,

despite the war in Ukraine, because he believes that "the best way to restore interaction is to maintain this direct channel."

"Isolation is the worst thing, especially for such a leader," Macron said.

Instead, the French president is convinced that the

Russian dictator should bear responsibility for war crimes in Ukraine.

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