"doing politics" but not "playing politics" translated from Thai to Thai, still confused by the definition of the leader "Big Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, who tried to show handsome.

bounce rope cod

does not accept the status quo

Full "politician"

Certainly by the behavior that is contrary to the words

"Not playing politics", according to the story of "politics" of "Big Tu", is the adjustment of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister's Office, appointing Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana as the Prime Minister's Office Minister.

Elevate the minister's chair to Mr. Soonthorn Pansangthong as Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Symptoms that can't answer what tasks to be assigned

That means there is no reason for the administration of the country.

because it gives more weight to the service of political games

lure them to "save allegiance", temptation of gangs that still stab vests

Bie to stabbed Teng "Big Tu" that's it.

and follow a style that is easy to read

Marketing tricks like an old soldier

Not yet risking the steering wheel, but symbolically showing it to be known throughout the country that it was "pinned" with the Thai Sang Nation Camp.

It is an opportunity to raise a brand trend.

"Ruam Thai Sang Tu" to be popular in the market, along with a secret fishing game in a friend's pond

Played the democrat camp gloomy.

Being sucked up, many members disappeared.

and illegally fishing in the pond

Pulling a group of people to break out of the Pracharath power camp, fight with "Big Fort" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, deputy prime minister, head of the Pracharat camp, snatching the team face-to-face

Emotions like that of a veteran like Mr. Weerakorn Khampraop, MP for Nakhon Sawan

Deputy director of the Pracharat Palang Pracharat Party direct line "Big Brother" condemns broadcasting

"Big Tu" will dissolve parliament in March

Drag each other until the last drop

to attract professional electors to join the Thai Union Camp to build a nation

people in the same power

expose each other's way

It would have weight in itself.

This is not counting deep news.

It seems that there is a use of force within the old soldiers.

"block fund"

Block off pipelines to prevent political opponents

Especially the new red-label party that will compete for space.

excerpt not to occur

staring at bonsai to be stunted

Situation with scattered news that Mr. Nipit Intharasombat, deputy leader of the Thai Future Creation Party, will go against the trend and jump into Pracharath Palang Camp.

According to the symptoms that the subject is indirectly

Chak speaks very rarely in full voice. At this time, he has not changed his affiliation.

Indicates obvious symptoms, no guarantees for the next episode.

Ready to search for water in front of the well

The red label camp fort found a rising star.

Ritdej, uncles, old soldiers scramble to herd the prisoners into the camp.

At the moment of chasing spoons, they are striving to escape death.

with the party list formula, divided by 100, into the big party

Small and small parties are at risk of abortion and death all around.

But the trend of the Thai Future Build Party has enough political fangs.

know the old soldier game

When taking down the "piling", the base is firmly fixed as well.

according to the situation that Mr. Somkid

Jatusripitak, the party's president, and Mr. Uttama Savanayana, the party's leader, the Royal Thai Embassy, ​​raised a large group to launch the team.

"Big House Narathiwat"

Got a network of "Guseng Yaohasan" to plant the flag to capture the area

One-plus-three-plus-four level of certainty can be obtained in Narathiwat.

But got a white elephant from the "Yao Ahasan" family that has MPs and a team of members of the Provincial Council (Sor. Sor.) as a base to guarantee points

However, there are brands that create the Thai future.

Surely constituency MPs

Break the siege of the old soldiers

Not willing to surrender anyway.

political news team