“...Sufficiency has a much broader meaning than this, namely the word “sufficiency”.

People, if they are satisfied with their needs, are less greedy.

when there is less greed, less harm to others

If any country has this idea

Having an idea that doing anything must be sufficient means being moderate, honest, not greedy.

people live happily

This sufficiency might be

There may be a lot of luxury items.

But don't bother other people…”

In remembrance of "December 5 Maharaj - National Father's Day"

On the occasion of the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Maha Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great Borommanatbophit

I quoted King Rama IX's speech on the sufficiency economy.

given in part one

On the occasion of the Royal Birthday Anniversary at Sala Dusidalai on December 4, 1998, His Majesty's philosophy

still modern to this day

in line with the critical situation of the Thai brothers and sisters today


credit bureau reports household debt data (individual) in the third quarter, the total bad debt exceeded 1.1 trillion baht, NPL touched 8.5%, while the outstanding debt continued to rise.

At the end of the third quarter of 2022, there were 25 million debtors under the credit bureau, divided into credit card debt of 5.29 billion baht, personal loan debt of 2.5 trillion baht, car loan of 2.5 trillion baht, home loan of 4.7 trillion baht and agricultural loan. 1 trillion baht

by the National Bank reports the number of debtors who have undergone debt restructuring as of August 31, totaling 3.88 million accounts.

Received assistance of 2.98 trillion baht and there are still groups requesting help from new loans.

Passed the BOT's rehabilitation loan measures at 135,805 cases or 339,036 million baht.

In all 4 types of household loans are home loans, car loans, credit card loans.

And personal loans found that the most worrisome are

car loans and personal loans.

And car loans that were approved in the last 9 months were 1.08 million accounts, belonging to the Gen Y group (aged 25-42) to 53% and were also the group with the most debt repayment problems.

While personal loans 9 months ago

There are 5.4 million new accounts opened, and nearly 3 million new loans to help the foundations. This group is highly fragile.

There is a greater risk of losing your account.

Of these, 61% of the total are Gen Y.

when combining 2 groups with debt repayment problems

is Gen Y and Gen X, a total of almost 5.5 million accounts

If the state and related agencies do not rush to fix

or discuss measures to help

Big problems will surely follow.

Because this group is all in working age.

Another group that is worrisome is Code 21 debtors or bad debts from the poison of COVID.

with both ordinary people

and juristic persons or companies up to 400 billion baht

Reflecting that even though the economy began to recover

income people are coming back

But there are still some groups whose income has not returned.

because they cannot access credit

It is imperative that special measures be taken to help this group.

to get back in the system

And even more reflecting that the economic growth is not yet comprehensive.

also has high fragility

The government hit the beep event and declared the year 2022 as "the year of household debt relief".

But nowadays, "clear-faced debtors" are still slaves (debt) banks, financial institutions.

And the loan gang is brutal.

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