With a gangster background, Wang Hongwei, the deputy speaker of the North City?

Zhu Lilun thought it was a squid fight.

(Photo by reporter Jiang Zhixiong)

[Reporter Jiang Zhixiong/Yilan Report] The legislators of Taipei’s 3rd constituency will hold a by-election. The Kuomintang candidate Wang Hongwei attacked the DPP’s opponent Wu Yinong as having gangsters behind him. Now it is being questioned that the Kuomintang’s Taipei City Deputy Speaker Ye Linchuan also has a gangster background. However, The Kuomintang Zhu Lilun identified it as a squid war.

Zhu Lilun went to the KMT's Yilan County Party Headquarters this afternoon to participate in the Thanksgiving Tea Party. The media asked, the KMT's deputy speaker of the Taipei City Council and the city councilor Ye Lin Chuan elected in Zhongshan District has a gangster background. The DPP criticized the KMT for using gangsters to help Wang Hongwei in the election?

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Zhu Lilun responded that Ye Linchuan is a councilor and deputy speaker of the Taipei City Council. He feels that he should not talk casually. The Kuomintang Wang Hongwei has served as a real and clean city councilor for 16 years and has been affirmed by voters. If you want to fight squid, don't fight too far .

Regarding Zhu Lilun's statement, the media asked him if he thought it was a double standard?

Zhu Lilun didn't respond and left quickly.