The wife of singer Viktor Pavlik - blogger


Repyakhova - told about an unfortunate incident that happened to her recently.

Katya brought her mother to one of the private clinics in Kyiv, where the woman was supposed to have a mammogram.

However, there was no Internet connection in the institution, which made it impossible to perform the procedure.

Repyakhova was indignant in Instagram-stories that she was not warned about this in advance, because she called the hotline of the clinic, and she was assured that they would be able to accept her.

"We drove here for an hour. Before leaving, we called the hotline and were told that we would be 10 minutes late. When we arrived, we came with my mother, and they told us: "Sorry, but we don't have the Internet, we can't do a mammogram ". There is light, there is no Internet... And in a clinic of this level, is it not possible to make some kind of independent Internet? You have a rude attitude towards patients. My mother is already sick! And you also "helped", - complained Katya.

Kateryna Repyakhova / Photo:

The blogger asked the clinic to resolve this issue and to warn patients in advance in such cases.

"If we hadn't called the hotline before leaving, we could have somehow justified it. When we signed up, you should have warned us that we don't have generators, and if you arrive and there's no electricity, we won't be able to provide you with services. But , when we were leaving, they called and said that we would be late. We were told: "Okay, come not at 3:00 p.m., but at 3:15 p.m." We arrive at 3:15 p.m. and they tell us: "Sorry, we already have there is no light for three hours." Yes, maybe we need to somehow establish contact between the clinic and the hotline," added Katya.

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