US Army General plays guitar during military exercise

New Delhi:

During the military exercise between India and the US Army, a video of a US General saving his guitar is going viral on social media.

In this video, the general of the US Army is seen playing the guitar to the tune of the band.

This video has been shared by the 11th Airborne Division of the US Army itself on its official Twitter handle.

In this tweet, the Airborne Division wrote that this concert has been organized in the midst of a military exercise in the Himalayan hills.

In this video, apart from the General of the American Army, soldiers of the Indian Army are also seen. 

Spontaneous rock concerts in the Himalayas with our Commanding General on lead guitar?

All in a day's work for the Arctic Angels.

— Eleventh Airborne (@11thAirborneDiv) December 1, 2022

Let us tell you that the Indian and American forces have been doing military exercises for the past several days in Auli, Himachal Pradesh.

A few days back, China had lodged its objection regarding this military exercise.

China had said that the place where this military exercise is taking place in India is just 100 kilometers away from the international border.

In such a situation, doing military exercises by staying so close to the border is ignoring the international agreement.

America also reacted to China's objection.

The US had announced to stand by India against China's objections to the ongoing joint military exercise between US and Indian Army in Uttarakhand.

US Charge d'Affaires in India Elizabeth Jones told reporters today that I would like to draw your attention to the comments made by our Indian colleagues.

In which it has been said that China has nothing to do with this joint military exercise.

I am also with him on this point. 

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