A local screening station in China was shocked to see the "entrance of anti-Xi personnel", which sparked heated discussions on the Internet.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] When China's "white paper revolution" is blooming everywhere, a local screening station in China has opened an "entrance for anti-Xi personnel". After the photo was exposed, it immediately sparked heated discussions among netizens. .

In the recent white paper movement that spread across China, many protesters chanted slogans such as "Xi Jinping step down" and "Communist Party step down", and the wave of protests even spread overseas, attracting international attention.

On this occasion, the Twitter user "Winisky" shared a photo taken in Xishui County, Guizhou Province on the 3rd. It can be seen that the county's nucleic acid testing station has the words "Key groups: Entrance for anti-Xi people outside the province. "The red cloth strip is quite eye-catching.

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This photo immediately sparked heated discussions among thousands of netizens. Someone pointed out that it might be an error in the input method of Roman pinyin. They mistakenly typed "return to hometown" as "anti-Xi" or "return to Xishui County". "Reverse learning".

However, many people ridiculed, "Xishui County is about to be flattened", "I want to know how many people will go through this entrance", "Everyone who dares to go through this entrance will be listed by General Secretary Xi", "There is no need to reflect outside the province. , The province itself rebelled", "If you put a hat on, the local officials will be slapped to the end", "The input method is just an excuse, the person who printed this notice has expressed his heart, and wants to summon anti-Xi forces."

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Xishui County, key groups: Entrance for anti-Xi people outside the province pic.twitter.com/VdKu3NMUAw

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